“Animaniacs” Getting Reboot In 2020

New Animaniacs Featuring Pinky and the Brain Coming to Hulu

If you were a kid and/or teenager in the 1990s, then chances are that you’re a fan of Animaniacs. There are people who didn’t really dig the show’s three main characters (Wakko, Jakko, and Dot), but they liked/loved the “Pinky and the Brain” segments. Pinky and the Brain were the two lab mice who were hellbent on taking over the world, for those of you who are too young to remember.

animaniacs to get a reboot

Hulu has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to bring the show back and they will create at least two new seasons. Stephen Spielberg will be the executive producer of the new episodes and he is bringing back his old crew who worked on the original series. New episodes of Animaniacs won’t be streaming on Hulu until 2020, but they will be adding the classic episodes to their cartoon catalogue to hold fans over. As an added bonus, the Warner Bros. cartoon Tiny Toons will also be available for your viewing pleasure. That is a damn good show, and if you have never seen it and are someone who likes cartoons, I’m going to go ahead and give it a “recommend” right now. Cartoons from the 1990s were badass; They were funny, creative, off-the-wall, and were chock full of many memorable moments that people remember to this day.

Craig Erwich, a senior VP of content at Hulu, said, “We cannot wait to work with Steven Spielberg and the entire Amblin and Warner Bros. teams to bring more sketches, catchphrases, songs, and laughs from the Animaniacs to kids and adults everywhere. Now one of the most beloved, inventive and funny animated franchises in history, Animaniacs and its cast of witty characters can live on, on Hulu. This marks yet another big move for us as we continue our efforts to be the No. 1 streaming destination for premium animated content.”