Another Day, Another Stupid HOA Regulation

Stupid HOA Regulation Makes Residents Leave Garage Open

If you have to deal with an HOA, then you know how fickle some of their regulations can be. Did a piece of trash blow onto your lawn? You might want to pick it up before you find a note attached to your door. “Pick up that trash or face a fine!” While it’s nice to have regulations that make sense, to keep the neighborhood looking nice, sometimes the HOA patrol gets overzealous.

One Bad Apple Spoils The Bunch

The Auburn Greens Complex in Auburn, California is making residents keep their garage doors open during the week because ONE person allowed people to live in their garage. Because of all the attention this story is getting, I don’t see the regulation lasting long. Residents of the complex are ticked off, and rightly so. Because of the regulation, people can’t leave “garage-y” stuff in their garage. “You have some toolboxes, rakes, and hoses in your garage? You better move them inside so they don’t get stolen.” Tip: You can store that air compressor under the baby’s crib.

If residents are found with an open garage door on Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 a.m., they could be punished with a $200 fine. However, many Auburn Greens residents are ignoring the order and keeping their doors closed. I don’t blame them.