Batgirl Presentation Clip From 1968

Batgirl Presentation Clip for ABC Execs.

After the twice-weekly Batman television show debuted in 1966, its ratings started to dip after a couple of seasons. This BATGIRL presentation clip from 1968 that was presented to ABC executives is quite the gem. Its purpose was to convince the suits that adding Batgirl to the show would be beneficial.

Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, was played by Yvonne Craig. The actress wrote an article for the Associated Press in July, 1967. Here’s a snippet for you to point your face toward:

“And while Batgirl is an active type, she is also very feminine. None of that smacking people low with karate and Kung-fu. In my opinion, three karate chops, and you’ve lost your femininity. If a girl goes on a date and a fellow gets fresh, she can’t very well give him a karate chop for a good-night. But if she ducks, she’s simply adept and feminine. Batgirl will be aiding and assisting Batman and Robin, not constantly rescuing them. I like that, too.”

As you can see in the clip, if you’ve never seen her in the Batman show, she was quite the handsome creature in her purple costume. She’s the stuff that little boy’s dreams were made of in the 1960s.

To watch the eight-minute Batgirl presentation clip, visit the lovely folks at Despite what the title says, it is not a pilot episode, it is what I previously said it is.

batgirl introduction clip


batgirl presentation clip