Bill Nye Elevator Ride with Bikini Girls

Bill Nye Shared an Elevator Ride with Bikini Girls

A group of girls in bikinis was interrupted from their elevator selfie shenanigans by none other than Bill Nye the Science Guy. The noise that one bikini girl was making, prior to Mr. Nye boarding the elevator, is reminiscent of sounds heard in many pornographic films. The girl who exclaimed “oh my god” made the short clip sound even more like a porn scene. This is probably his favorite Bill Nye elevator ride of all time.

The bikini-clad elevator party took place in Adelaide, Australia. Bill Nye was in town for the universe’s most-massive space conference. The girls were in town for the selfies and a music festival.

If I was Bill Nye, I would’ve talked to one of the girls about “exploring Uranus.” The 61-year-old science lover seemed to be taken aback just a bit, but he’s no stranger to having fans adore him.

As you can see, the group of bikini girls are a handsome bunch.

VIA: new york post