Bollards That Look Like Children

Bollards That Look Like Children Are Used As A Speeding Deterrent

Those zany Brits… what will they think of next. In September, the English town of Iver, Buckinghamshire set up bollards that look like children outside of four schools. The reason for making them look like kids is to make drivers think that they are real humanoid children. If motorists think kids are afoot, they will slow down and be careful in the school zones. Pretty clever. But, will it work? Will drivers just become so accustomed to them that they will think real children are just bollards and continue driving like maniacs in the area? Nobody knows. It is pretty much an experiment at this point.

bollards that look like children

How Residents Feel About The Bollards

Many residents are having a fun time with the bollards. Many are dressing them up with sunglasses, raincoats, hats, and scarfs. That is a good idea because it makes the children look more realistic to passing motorists. Although the townsfolk are doing it just for fun, it is creating an unintended benefit.

Some residents simply think they are eyesores, and others are genuinely creeped out by their appearance. The Buckinghamshire county council recently repositioned two of the bollards at the request of a resident. Apparently, they were facing his residence and creeping him out. Workers spun two of the bollards and made them face the road instead. If I asked my county to do something for me, they would shoot me and lock me up behind the prison.

British bollard children

A resident, named Alison, said, “They look awful, they should have been a normal traffic bollard. They will be knocked over in no time or defaced with graffiti.” That’s funny. I thought the same thing about her. I thought she would be knocked over and defaced with graffiti.

The bollards have been nicknamed “Bill” and “Belinda” for no particular reason that has been issued. It is probably the names of the bollard creator’s grandchildren. Or, maybe they are named after Bill Gates and Belinda Carlisle. Can you imagine if those two had a child together? It would be a smart kid who could sing! Wouldn’t that be a pisser!

Children bollards are quite expensive, it turns out. If you have to ask how much they cost, you can’t afford them. However, if you wanted them bad enough, you could sell your house and get some children bollards. Living in your automobile isn’t that bad; Stop being such a big baby.

It will be interesting to see if the bollards will be a permanent fixture or if they will be removed. So far, so good. They have been up for four months and counting.