Breakdown of Self-Referencing Rappers

Self-Referencing Rappers

Rappers are known for tooting their own horns; Rap music is steeped in “bragadocious” behavior. Ben, at Ben’s Big Blog broke down the numbers to find out who is the most self-obsessed rapper in all of the land. And, the “winner” is… Nicki Minaj. I’m not surprised one bit.

1st: Nicki Minaj (11.5% of all words)

  • Three albums. 17,665 words. 2026 explicit references to herself
  • A self-reference every 8.78 words
  • 42.87 self-references per song
  • An average of 371.55 words per song
  • On “Right By My Side” she referenced herself every 3.5 words, or 28% of the song

Her most word-laden song is “All Things Go”, at 718 words, with 67 self-references

Really, 28% of the song you’re talking about yourself, Minaj? That isn’t good, in my opinion. I doubt she even writes her own rhymes, but I don’t know, all mainstream rap is crapola these days, so I wouldn’t know.

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