Bro Almost Dies Filming Stunt

TGF Bro Almost Dies Filming Stunt For Youtube

Some bro dudes who run a Youtube channel called TGFBro spend their days and nights filming foolish vids. Their latest stunt almost took one of the bro dudes lives. The pranksters from Wolverhampton, England had to call on the West Midlands Fire Service and EMT’s to rescue one of their “performers.”

During the month of December, the TGFBro gang are doing a Christmas calendar full of stunts, and this particular day, the stunt was “almost die.” In order to achieve “almost dying,” they filled a microwave with spackle and one of the bros stuck their head in it. They achieved what they set out to do. The bro almost died. It took the fire dept. almost an hour to free the man from the microwave.

Don’t even think about trying this at home. You’re not a TGFBro, dude. Nor do you want to be one.