Charles Manson Is Now A Model Inmate

Manson Is Now A Model Inmate Because Of Health Issues And Age

Charles Manson hasn’t had any disciplinary write-ups since February, 2016 when he was found to be in possession of a cell phone. Before then, he had a steady record of discipline issues. Since being locked up for the Tate-Labianca murders in 1969, Manson has gotten in trouble over 100 times.

Manson is now a model inmate

It’s hard to be a bad boy when you’re 83 years old. I imagine it’s hard to do much of anything when you’re that old. TMZ posted a list of some of his most noteworthy infractions since being locked up.

October 1972 — refused to shave

July 1973 — assault on staff

January 1975 — spitting and threatening staff

June 1977 — Striking an officer

July 1978  — Assault on correctional officer

July 1985 — Possession of a hacksaw blade

July 1993 — Possession of a stabbing instrument

Sept. 1995 — Threatening to kill a police officer

April 1983 — Possession of marijuana

April 1995 — Trafficking narcotics

June 2015 — Refusal to provide urine sample

February 1993 — Assault and battery on non-prisoner

March 1999 — Battery on an inmate with weapon

December 2003 — Possession of a deadly weapon

June 2009 — Possession of a wrist watch

It has been 20 months since Charles Manson’s last infraction, and it may have been his last slip-up. Maybe he will start feeling better so he can annoy the corrections officers at least one more time before he leaves this universe. Just because Manson is now a model inmate, that doesn’t mean that he can’t change his ways again and go out with a bang.