Chuck E. Cheese Band Is Getting The Boot

Chuck E. Cheese Band Is Getting the Boot After Decades of Performing

Chuck E. Cheese’s big chief executive, Tom Leverton, has confirmed what many people have feared: The Chuck E. Cheese band is getting the boot. The five-piece band has been rocking out with their slice out for decades, and it’s sad to see them go. Mr. Leverton said that “the Chuckster” is phasing out the animatronic band slowly but surely. The company has a “strong hypothesis” that eventually the band will be thrown out like trash from every restaurant location from sea to shining sea.

Chuck E. Cheese band getting the boot

The band of misfit animals, which is officially called Munch’s Make Believe Band, is a five-piece that got their start on the rough and tumble streets of Cheeseville. OK, you got me. I just made up that last sentence. It sounds good enough to be true, right?

Chuck E. Cheese Band Will Be Replaced By Live Performers

Tom Leverton confirmed that the restaurant/kids’ romper room will be hiring more live mascots to entertain the children. Only the very young kids are going to care about the mascots. The older kids will simply ignore or torment the live mascots on their way to the arcade. “Mom, I need more tokens! The laser¬†pointer is 100,000 tickets and I only have 34.”

Chuck E. Cheese is famous for smelling like feet… And for the kids who go there with their feet smelling like yesterday’s pizza that was left on the front porch next to the dog food. They need to ensure kids keep their shoes on or make them soak their feet in Listerine before coming in.

Perhaps the worst thing about The Chuck E. Cheese is their constant refusal to play requests. They also are notorious for ignoring their adoring fans. Absolutely no autographs! And, no matter how many times you would yell “Freebird” or “play some SLAYER!” they would just act like they didn’t hear you. Such a rockstar/diva move. And they wondered why their T-shirt and album sales were down. I know that NAPSTER is partly to blame, but their sales were down before that. After the whole “NAPSTER thing,” all of the band members fell off the wagon and started booting heroin again. There’s no telling where the band members will wind up after this recent bit of bad luck. My guess would be in a squat house passed out in their own puke. The life of a glamorous rock star!