Why Chuck Taylors Have Felt On The Soles

Ever Wonder Why Your Sneakers Have Felt On The Soles?

The fact that Chuck Taylors, aka Converse All Stars, have felt on the soles is news to me. I haven’t owned a pair since I was about ten years old, and that was a while ago. At that time, they didn’t have any fabric over the rubber soles. The reason for the layer of fabric on the soles of the Converse All Stars is to get around international tariff laws. By passing the Chuck Taylors off as a pair of slippers, the tax paid on the sneakers is reduced from around 38 percent down to 3 percent. That’s what I call a bargain, but not the best I ever had. Converse All Stars are so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t wear them as slippers or sneakers.

why chuck taylors have felt on the soles

Felt On The Soles Because They’re Made In China

The floppy sneakers were made in the United States until 2001, so before then, there was no need to put felt on the soles. Chuck Taylors were created in 1917, the same year that Chevrolet first started making trucks. That must have been one helluva year, right? Yeah, right. Converse started their foray into the footwear universe by producing winterized boots in 1908 before making their first pair of sneakers, which were not the All Stars.

The All Stars were originally created for soccer and netball players and weren’t associated with basketball until Chuck Taylor got involved with the sneakers. Mr. Taylor also left his mark on basketball in other ways. Perhaps his biggest contribution to the game of roundball was inventing the laceless ball. Can you imagine trying to dribble a ball with laces on it? The thing would take some funny bounces. And I’m not talking about “funny” as in ha-ha.

In my humble opinion, Chuck Taylor high tops are super ugly and gross-feeling on my feet. However, the low top All Star Oxfords look cute on girls. That’s just the way it is (in my mind). Don’t judge me, I don’t judge you… anymore.

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