Colts Fans Want Refunds, Luck On IR

Colts Fans Want Refunds

Colts fans want refunds after Andrew Luck was placed on the injured reserve list on Thursday. Fans of the team feel that owner James Irsay gave them false hope regarding QB Andrew Luck’s recovery from shoulder surgery. Irsay isn’t at fault in this case, despite what Colts fans are saying. He didn’t say 100 percent that Luck would be as fresh as a daisy and offered no timeline for a full recovery. Even though he expressed that he thought Luck would be back this season, he didn’t deliberately deceive anyone. Healing times fluctuate and players can feel like they are close to being fully recovered on a particular day, and then feel rough the next.

During the preseason, on July 29, the team stated that Luck would not say that he would be ready for the regular season opener. And, in early August, Irsay said of the quarterback’s recovery, “We always knew it would be a borderline thing.”

colts fans want refunds

colts fans want refunds

colts fans want refunds

Irsay did remain optimistic that his star play-caller would be on the field and recovered enough to throw well, but at no point did he say that Luck would be 100 percent ready to play. The team’s fans need to get the notion of a refund out of their skulls because it will never happen. Not only that, but Luck being on the field doesn’t guarantee that they would have a winning season. Frustrated fans will find somewhere to point their fingers, even if it’s in the wrong place or direction. If the Colts were winning with another quarterback, this wouldn’t be an issue, and the fans wouldn’t care if Luck was traded, injured, or retired.

The Colts general manager, Chris Ballard, said, “The one thing I want y’all to understand is that there’s never been once a time where I’ve tried to mislead, [when] this organization has tried to mislead. This whole thing has been very fluid. The shoulder is subjective and after a surgery, everybody’s different, everybody rehabs at a different way. So we’re going to shut his throwing down and we’re going to continue to rehab. We’re going to continue hard rehab.”

The Colts are 2-6 this season and have lost three games in a row. They have been outscored by a total of 104 points this season, which averages out to a 13-point loss per game. The Colts have allowed 246 points to be scored against them this season, making them the most-generous team in the NFL. Winless San Francisco has given up the second-most points with 219 surrendered so far.

Colts fans want refunds, and I want a lot of things that I’ll never get. You know what they say: “Want in one hand, spit in the other. See what gets full first.”

via: Indy Star