Cooking With Your Mouth: Video

Cooking With Your Mouth Isn’t Cool

The name of the video is Cooking With Your Mouth, but that’s not exactly accurate. Can you say “misnomer.” Excellent. What the video should be called is Chewing On Ingredients Before Cooking.

The video offers up quite the juxtaposition of classy and barf-o-rama. At first, you’re hit with a bit of class because the host (Iska Lupton) is a handsome woman with an English accent. Most people inadvertently start to think of classy things when they hear someone from London speak. After being lulled by a breeze of normalcy and decency on a beach of dreams, the winds of disgust whip about your person and put you on high alert. The hurricane flags have been hoisted. I hope you have a sturdy basement or cellar. Don’t even think of venturing up to the attic.

Surely the video can’t be serious. Lupton says that she likes the lingering smell of garlic for days and weeks. Nobody likes that; No sane person, anyway. “Oh, but what is ‘sanity? Are any of us qualified to be the judge of that?” Sanity is not wanting to risk getting the flu, hepatitis, or herpes from eating dinner. If Iska Lupton invites you over for a dinner party, you might want to lie and say you have a previous engagement that you simply must attend.

I would tell you to enjoy the following video, but I don’t think that is possible. Bon appetit.