Creepy Girl From “The Ring” In Trouble

Girl From The Ring Caught Riding In Stolen Car

“Her music wasn’t loud, they’re hatin’. Mofo’s be frontin’ and they caught her riding dirty.” She probably wasn’t even dirty, a pretty girl like her probably takes a shower at least once a week. Daveigh Chase, who will forever be known as “the creepy girl from The Ring,” is in trouble again. She was taken into police custody for riding shotgun in a stolen BMW.

Daveigh Chase caught riding in stolen car

The 26-year-old hottie (with a slamming body) was riding in a car in Hollywood on Tuesday morning when the plates were run through the computer by nosey LAPD officers. Ms. Chase was booked for riding in the stolen automobile and was plastered with a $25,000 bond. The driver of the car was also put behind bars. At this time it is not clear who stole the BMW. It wasn’t me. I’ve never even been to Hollywood.

Daveigh Chase Has Been In Trouble Before

This isn’t Chase’s first time getting herself into a spot of bother with the long arm of the law. Back on February 15, the young lady dropped a dying man off at an L.A. hospital before hightailing it from the scene. It is believed that the man was dying from a drug overdose as she dropped him off like any good citizen would. She’s a humanitarian, if nothing else. Even though she did nothing wrong, the cops were like, “Durrpy durrpy-doo, because of that, we want to speak to you.” The man, unfortunately, was dead by the time hospital staff took a look at him. Somebody opened their trap and told police that Chase “may have been with the man” before he died. She was not charged with anything regarding that incident. The police picked her up and questioned her about it. At the time she had a warrant for an unrelated incident.

She’s a bad girl. I like bad girls. They’re fun… unless they’re one of those bad girls who is a scattered brain fool. Those type of girls “can’t do nothing for me but get out of my face.”

I wish Daveigh Chase the best of luck in all of her future endeavours.


Daveigh Chase busted for riding in stolen car
                                     “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!”