Even The Cats In Florida Are Crazy

Florida Woman Attacked By Cat

A woman in West Cocoa, Florida had a terrible morning of epic proportions. The female Floridian got into her vehicle on Friday morning when a cat jumped into her car (via an open window) and attacked her. In order to stop the pussy from pulverizing her face, she hopped out of the vehicle. Unfortunately for her, the┬ácar was in reverse when she got out, and that caused the vehicle to knock her to the ground and run her over. There was even a third whammy in store for the cat’s victim: Her car hit a parked car in the street.

Florida woman attacked by cat

Woman’s Neighbor’s Cats Questioned After Incident

The woman who lives next door to the victim has several cats and they were questioned by police. Police officers wanted to find out if any of them were involved in the incident, or if they may have heard anything about it through the cat grapevine. The kitties were unaware of the incident and the police determined that the cats were good pussies.

Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Channing Taylor said, “It’s very unusual to have an animal leap into a car and bite somebody like this and then get run over by your own car. The car rolled into the street and did strike a parked vehicle as well.”

Everybody responded to Taylor’s quote with a “no duh!”

The victim of the cat’s violent actions was taken to the hospital in a helicopter. It is being reported that her injuries are critical, but you can’t always believe such talk.