Félicette The Space Cat

Funding For Félicette The Space Cat Statue

Do you love cats? Do you like outer space? That’s what I thought. And, that’s why I’m bringing you the news about a kickstarter page that was created to erect a statue honoring the first pussy in space. Félicette The Space Cat deserves to be respectfully immortalized for the sacrifices she made to better the human race.

On October 18, 1963, the phenomenal cat from Paris, France boldly went where no other kitty had previously gone. Félicette was put in a rocket and launched into space from a base in Algeria. She spent about five minutes in space floating around enjoying the weightlessness before she was returned to earth. The entire trip took about 13 minutes.

Félicette was one of fourteen cats that underwent rigorous astronaut training. She was chosen for the mission because of her sweet demeanor and overall awesomeness.

Félicette the space cat

The brave cat must’ve been utterly confused about what was going on up in space. The training she endured gave her a little taste of what she was going to experience, but nothing could have truly prepared her for the real thing. The loud ruckus of the boosters must have bothered her little kitty ears. She was not given earplugs.

Félicette The Space Cat Is A Hero

After her big adventure, she was returned to a French space lab where she was studied for several months. She was treated with the love that she deserves and had made many human friends during her time with the space program. Unfortunately, Félicette had to be put to sleep permanently to extract and study the electrodes that were implanted in her brain.

So far, 745 people have donated $37,545. The goal is $52,491, and there are only three days left to make it a reality. If you’re a cat lover, what could be better than knowing that you helped make the greatest kitty statue in the world a reality? There are also some cool rewards featuring Félicette The Space Cat, so it’s a win-win situation.