Flight Radar Site Shows All Flights Live

Flight Radar Site, Flight Radar 24

Are you like me; Do you like neat things? If you are, then I’ve got a site for you to feast your eyes on. Flight Radar 24 is a flight radar site that allows you to follow any flight at any time. The site is global and you can randomly click on planes flying anywhere above Earth. It shows some stats for the flights as well, such as when it took off, when it’s due to land, etc. This site can be helpful if you’re tracking a family member or a friend’s flight arrival time; And, it’s fun if you just like watching planes and the ground below them.

My favorite thing to do on the site is cruise around using the 3D view once I’ve selected a flight to watch. You can zoom in and out on the plane, switch the view, spin it around, watch the plane from the side, etc. All of that good stuff is possible. You can adjust it to whatever pleases your eyes the most. When in 3D mode, it’s fun to watch real world renderings of the ground below. It’s all real and funky fresh.

Some Awesome Screenshots Of Flights In Action

flight radar site

flight radar site picture


flight radar site 3D view

I don’t know if the site works for people using a cell phone, but it probably does. Using a phone to go on the Internet is not something that I do very often. The screens are too small, the sites are wonky, and navigation is a pain in the arse. Go give flightradar24.com a spin. If you like neat things, you will probably like it. If not, you’re either too cool or strange… or both. Nobody likes people that act cool. Safe travels, bon voyage.