Google Maps for Planets

Google Maps for Planets Is Far Out!

If you’re a fan of space and the planets, or if you’re just curious like a cat, then Google has just the thing for you. Google Maps for planets allows looky-loos like yourself to explore the planets from the comfort of your bed or recliner.

According to Google Maps, “Twenty years ago, the spacecraft Cassini launched from Cape Canaveral on a journey to uncover the secrets of Saturn and its many moons. During its mission, Cassini recorded and sent nearly half a million pictures back to Earth, allowing scientists to reconstruct these distant worlds in unprecedented detail.”

When you go check out Google Maps for planets, I suggest you take their advice and start on Earth and zoom out to look into space. It’s a wild ride, man. “Hey, man, is that Freedom Rock? Well, turn it up, man!” That was such a great commercial, wasn’t it?

You can also learn some fun facts while perusing the planets many craters and “whatevers.”  For example, there is a spot(?) on Pluto called Pandemonium Dorsa which got its name from an old set of poems by John Milton. Pandemonium Dorsa is the name given to the capital of Hell. Pretty rad, I say. I guess those who name planetary things don’t worry much about people getting all bent out of shape because (a.) not many people delve into planetary exploration, and (b.) those who do are scientific people who usually don’t believe in religions. And, if they do believe in God or some gods, they are intelligent enough to not get their panties ruffled over nothing.

Go check out the planets but don’t waste too much time planet gazing if you should be doing something else with your time. “Google Space is gonna rock ya. Are you ready?’ KLF in the house!

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