Green Day Cover Album For Charity

Bands Record Green Day Cover Album For Charity

Pop-punk band Green Day (who used to be just a punk band before their smash hit-heavy album Dookie was created) released an album of covers on Bandcamp to support victims of Hurricane Maria. The album, titled Earth Day contains 22 of the group’s songs being performed by 22 different bands. Wasn’t there a previous Green Day cover album? I don’t know, you tell me.

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On the official bandcamp page for the album, the project is described by the band as such:

initially we had discussed donating the funds from this to an environmental org with a larger / more global focus, but today, october first 2017, the day “when september ends,” things are more urgent in a localized way than any of us could have anticipated when we started organizing this. the people of puerto rico are suffering at the intersection of environmental catastrophe and colonial subjugation and your donation here will help provide them desperately needed material support. we are asking $1 but encourage you to donate what you can. climate change is real and it’s coming for all of us, but it will continue to disproportionately affect economically oppressed groups, especially communities of color. environmental activism is a social justice issue. consider what you can do to help.

The Green Day cover album contains some of the band’s most popular songs. Earth Day also contains songs that only die-hard fans of the band have ever heard. Green Day cover album

Green Day Cover Album Has Strange Tunes

Many of the songs on the Earth Day album aren’t immediately recognizable, even if you’re very familiar with the originals. You can give the entire album a listen without donating, although it is suggested that you donate at least $1 or more… if you can afford it. It is a great cause, and I hope that the money actually gets to the victims of Hurricane Maria. There are reports that previously donated money and supplies are being held by a governor in Puerto Rico, but I don’t know. I’m not there, I’m right here in good old Las Vegas, NV.

Give Earth Day a listen