Grubby Woman Returns X-Mas Tree To Costco

Woman Returns X-Mas Tree To Costco After The NEW YEAR

A woman returned a dead Christmas tree to a Costco store in Santa Clarita, CA after the holidays were over. According to the man who witnessed it happening, she said that she was returning it because it was dead. Unbelievable. It is also being reported that the woman was not affected by the jeers, sneers, and snickers from fellow shoppers. That’s some set of grubby balls she’s got dangling there.

woman returns x-mas tree to costco after the holidays

woman returns dead christmas tree to costco on January 4

No Shame In Woman’s Return Game

The man who took the picture, Scott Bentley, said that the woman was given the refund after a bit of “this-must-be- some-kind-of-joke” business from the cashier. Mr. Bentley also stated that the woman wasn’t even phased when he snapped a picture of her and voiced his displeasure. “You can’t be serious” was his reaction. She was very serious and seriously “scurfilicious.”

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