Homeless Man Hid In Walmart Overnight

Homeless Man Hid In Walmart, Does Black Friday Like A Champ

Believe it or not, this didn’t happen in Florida, it happened in New Mexico. George Suckow, 37, hunkered down in a Walmart bathroom while they were closing up. When all the shoppers and employees were gone for the night, the homeless Suckow treated the store like his own private Idaho.

Mr. Suckow spent his Black Friday morning eating chocolates and drinking copious amounts of yummy soda, all while wearing an adult diaper that he took off the shelf. His baby-man experience wasn’t complete until he went to the baby aisle and opened up some baby diapers, wipes, and then helped himself to a baby bottle and a “binky.”

During his little rendezvous through the store, he tripped an alarm which prompted the police to show up and investigate. The diaper bandit was arrested and charged with commercial┬áburglary, which is a serious offence… I think. It sounds pretty serious. Suckow had damaged/used $156 worth of merchandise. His actions, for some reason, caused other stores in the area to delay their opening on Black Friday. But, he doesn’t care, he had the best Black Friday ever. I bet he can’t wait to get out of jail and brag to his homeless homies about his Thanksgiving weekend. His totally ruled, and their’s totally sucked.