Japanese Men Are Sitting To Pee At Home

44% Of Japanese Men Are Sitting To Pee

While at their home base, 44% of Japanese men are sitting to pee for a couple of reasons. A small percentage (8.3) are being told by a family member to sit while they pee. It must be their wives who are telling them to do this. “You missed and hit the wall and the nightlight again. From now on you sit while you pee!” If I were one of these men, I would tell my wife that I will sit and urinate the day they stand to take a dump. Bombs away!

Perhaps the funniest “fact” from the survey is the 1% of Japanese men who are peeing standing up because a family member is telling them to. “Damn it, you stand while you pee. No husband of mine is going to pee like a little girl. Take out the trash and mow the lawn when you’re done.”

Japanese men peeing sitting down

via: asahi