Jimmy Kimmel Admits He Was Wrong About Trumpcare

Kimmel Admits He Was Wrong

It wasn’t the first time that Jimmy Kimmel, a.k.a., “Jimmy Kimmy” a.k.a. “Jim Kim” was wrong, and it won’t be the last. Not by a long shot. Jimmy Kimmel admits he was wrong about the logistical stylings of TrumpCare. And when he talked trash about Trump’s ideas for his new healthcare plan, it wasn’t simply an off-handed comment; He went all out and got in-depth about it. That makes him look like an even bigger fool because he acted as if he did some research on the subject. Now he is looking like a fool… what a surprise! Does his joke writers also do his political writing? Oh, brother!

Jim Kim simply panders to the leftwing Trump haters, so he tells them things that they want to hear in order to keep his ratings up. It comes as a shock to many that Jimmy Kimmel admits he was wrong because he is thought of as an egotistical blowhard. People with his mindset find it very painful to admit that they were wrong about anything. And, underneath his affectation of a caring liberal, there is the chubby bully kid barely hidden beneath the surface. His violent personality was brought to the public’s attention when he said he planned on punching TV host Brian Kilmeade in the face. He just wants to throw his weight around, literally. Left-wingers act like they are caring and gentle creatures, but when you don’t agree with their opinions, the violence starts.

I’m neither a right-winger nor a left-winger. I don’t do politics — it’s too divisive¬†and a huge waste of time. Why argue and ruin friendships over rich liars (politicians) that don’t give a darn about you? The low-income proletariat knows that politicians are heartless money-grubbing goons, but, for some reason, the rich and the upper-middle class fall for their tricks. And they think they’re so smart! Tsk-tsk.

One reason that the well-to-do talk politics is to show off and put up the false front that they are caring individuals. These same people claim that they care about their fellow man and “fight for causes,” but they get real nervous around the homeless and people who are different from them. Poor people will actually sit down and talk to homeless people and treat them like humans. The upper-middle class lefties will walk past them in a hurry and treat them like they are a talking, breathing pile of trash.

So, Kimmel Admits He Was Wrong About Trumpcare, But Will It Change His Tempermental Complaining?

Jimmy Kimmy’s television program is unbearable because of his complaining and his annoying voice. Whenever he says something foolish, which is often, I read about it instead of listening to him piss and moan. I have a feeling that since he has been exposed as someone who talks out of their behind, he is going to try even harder to find faults with Trump’s actions. It’s sort of like when you’re gambling at a casino and lose money, so you start gambling more to make up for what you lost; This usually ends up with the gambler losing even more; This is called “chasing.” Some people never learn, and I doubt Mr. Kimmel ever will.