Lamar Odom Collapses At Nightclub

Lamar Odom Collapses At Nightclub, Spokesperson Said Dehydration Was The Cause

Lamar “I’m Just Dehydrated” Odom collapsed at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning while allegedly attempting to make his way out of a club in Los Angeles. He went down for the count while at his VIP table. He needed a couple of security guards to help him up while acquaintances stood around gawking. When Lamar Odom collapses, the lookie-loos want to get an eyeful.

The club, Bootsy Bellows, was full of party people and members of Mr. Odom’s posse. We all know what a “posse” in Hollywood consists of. It’s a group of people using a celebrity and draining their bank account for free drinks, trinkets, and women’s attention. I’ve witnessed women make absolute fools of themselves if they feel that they have a slim chance of “snuggling” up with a famous and/or rich man. But, I digress for the sake of brevity.

 Lamar Odom Collapses, Another Sign Of Partying Too Hard?

A spokesperson for the former NBA player said, “He was dehydrated and had been in an intense workout earlier in the day. It was also very hot in the club.” While that is possible, it’s even more possible to pass out when you have been drinking and/or doing drugs. In the video, it appears that his table was near an open entrance where plenty of fresh air was flowing. How hot could it be in that area of the club when he is practically sitting outside at 2 a.m.? Because of Odom’s previous near-death experience due to drug abuse, whenever he has a medical situation, you know what people are going to think — and rightly so. Odom’s spokesperson also said that the former Laker is “…doing well.” Of course he is. Sleep makes everybody feel better the next day.

via: E!