LeBron James Dissed Kids of Michael Rappaport’s

LeBron James Dissed Kids Over Adult’s Feud

The outspoken comedian and actor, Michael Rappaport, is not one to pull punches when it comes to speaking his mind. He tells sports fans what he thinks of their favorite teams and athletes, and the results are usually hilarious. And, he has never been afraid to call out athletes when they slip up. According to Rappaport, number 23 slipped up big time. LeBron James dissed Rappaport’s kids because of an old feud that happened between friends of friends, who knew some friends. You know how that goes with so-called mutuals and friends of buddies.

The actor claims that James held a grudge against him “’cause their friends of friends had a bad falling out … and took it out on his boys.” Mr. Rappaport isn’t one to tell lies, so I’m inclined to believe him. That’s what happens when you’re a stand-up guy: People believe what you say.

“He gave ’em the [beep] Heisman and turned his back to them,” he told the show The Breakfast Club. “It has nothing to do with a 10 and an 8-year-old … don’t play me and my kids. Out of all the athletes, out of all the celebrities, out of all the rappers I’ve ever met — especially with my kids — that was the only [blankity-blank] that ever did that. And I was like, ‘Hell [beep-ing] no.”

lebron james dissed rappaports kids

It Takes a Special Kind of Person To Get So Low

I’ve never met LeBron James, but I have seen him on TV and heard him get nasty with other people. If the sneaker fits, he’s going to have to wear it. When adults are feuding, you don’t have to involve a ten-year-old and an eight-year-old child. What he should have done was acknowledged the kids (who are sports fans), gave them a high-five or an autograph, and then gone on his way. If LeBron James dissed kids, who might be next? Your grandmother and her dog? Your great uncle in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank?

Maybe when LeBron “Jimmy” James grows up a little bit he will start acting like a responsible public figure. Perhaps he was having a bad day and that was paired with him not liking somebody that Rappaport knows. Still, that’s no excuse. Now, that Mike Tyson, that is an athlete that is nice to the children. “LJ” should take notes on how to interact with the youth.

During the radio interview with The Breakfast Club on 105.1 FM in New York City, Michael Rappaport also discusses Jay-Z’s latest record album and Donald Trump. Bit of advice, Mr. Rappaport: Everybody else is doing “the whole Trump thing” to death, pick another topic — one that isn’t so trite. I’m still a fan, though, don’t get me wrong.