Matt Lauer Being Gross To Sandra Bullock

Matt Lauer Being A Creep On Live TV

The shamed TV host Matt Lauer was acting like a creepy 13-year-old boy when he interviewed Sandra Bullock on Today back in 2012. He repeatedly told the actress that he has seen her naked. He was referring to her part in the movie The Proposal that she was on the TV show promoting.

I’m glad that a small percentage of America is now realizing what I have known since I was a kid: Men in suits aren’t the good guys. The public will look at a man with long hair and a Megadeth T-shirt and label him as “bad,” but if somebody has a good job and wears a suit, they’re “good.” Yeah, no. The reverse is usually true.

Check out Lauer being creepy and carrying on in a manner that would get workers fired at a regular 9 to 5 job. He definitely has no couth; It’s no wonder his wife refused to live with him and has since fled the country.