Mike Tyson Was Denied Entry Into Chili

Mike Tyson Was Denied Entry Into Chili

The Brooklyn-born boxer was told by Chilean authorities that he isn’t welcome in their country. On Thursday, November 9, Mike Tyson was denied entry into Chili because of his old criminal record. If they don’t want to be graced by the most-entertaining and fiercest pugilist to ever put on a pair of boxing gloves, then that’s their loss. Tyson was set to film a promotional TV spot while in the country.

Mike Tyson was denied entry into Chili

Chilean Police of Investigations took to Twitter to spread the news that Mike Tyson was denied entry into Chili. I guess that is their way of trying to embarrass the retired former heavyweight champ. It will take a lot more than that to embarrass “Iron Mike.” The man with fists of fury is above that sort of nonsense. He’s a confident man who won’t be broken by such petty trash. In the Twitter post, the Chilean coppers said that Mr. Tyson was to be escorted by Interpol agents to a U.S.-bound flight. It is likely that Tyson is already back in America where he is loved and appreciated.

The boxer was also denied entry into the United Kingdom in 2013 because of his criminal past. His police record includes blemishes for possession of cocaine, assault, and his three-year prison stint for rape. A jury of “his peers” in Indianapolis found him guilty of raping Miss Black America contestant Desiree Washington in February, 1992.

Mike Tyson Was Denied Entry Into Chili While Foreign Prostitutes Are Welcomed With Open Arms

It’s funny that Chili will guard their borders against Mike Tyson, but they have no problem letting foreign prostitutes into their country to work in their many brothels. The hookers come from neighboring countries like Colombia, Argentina, and Paraguay. The booming oil business in Chili attracts many workers seeking a livable wage. And, wherever men are making money, the prostitutes are sure to follow. I have nothing against prostitution (unless they’re forced into it), but for a country to act all high and mighty against a former boxer is absurd.

Mike Tyson will be back in my hometown of Las Vegas to finish up the last eight nights of his Mike Tyson UNDISPUTED TRUTH – Round 2.