Naked Burglar Wears Victim’s Clothes

Naked Burglar Plays Dress Up

A naked burglar snuck into a Florida woman’s homestead, acted like a maniac in her kitchen, and then tried on some of her clothes. Let’s hope that he chose an outfit that made him feel pretty. The 40-year-old perpetrator, Joseph Vaglica, has an extensive criminal record; This isn’t his first rodeo. And, it’s probably not his first naked rodeo.

naked burglarThe Naked Burglar Looks High As A Kite

The homeowner said that Joseph Vaglica was able to gain entrance into her house via an open garage door. After he was done acting a fool in her kitchen, she ran next door to her stepson’s house to call 911. Mr. Vaglica apparently wasn’t concerned about the woman for very long. He really wanted to rummage through her wardrobe.

When the coppers showed up on the scene, they say Mr. Vaglica ran towards the stepson’s house before stopping, dropping, and rolling around on the lawn. He was easily apprehended and charged with burglary and assault. He is currently in jail and is being held on $25,000 bond.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a multi-billionaire so you could do fun stuff like bailing random people out of jail? I would do it just to see the look on the alleged criminals’ faces when they are let out of jail. They would think it was a Christmas miracle. They could even call me Santa Claus if they wanted to.

Break his last name down into two words and what does it look like to you? That’s a pretty funny name he’s got there, if I do say so myself.