Finland NES Game Perkele! Celebrates Finland’s Independence

The Finland NES Game Perkele! Celebrates 100 Years of Finland Independence

AASI Games has released a video game called Perkele! to celebrate Finland’s independence from Russia. December 6 will mark the 100th anniversary of Finland gaining independence from the tyrannical Russian empire. The NES game Perkele! (Finland for 100 Years) consists of three mini-games that celebrate “typical” Finnish life. If you have a Nintendo Entertainment System and a friend, you’re in luck… the game is for one or two players!

NES game Perkele!

NES Game Perkele! Is Very Rare

There were initially only 240 copies of the game available, and I assume that inhabitants of Finland have snatched them all up. I don’t know if you can play the game on an American version of the NES. The game’s website says the cartridge is “PAL and partial NTSC compatible.” All the retro gaming console aficionados will know what that means. Video games are something I enjoy, on occasion, but I only play newer ones. Why kiss a frog when you can make out with a princess? You know what I’m saying?

AASI Games’ website describes the cartridges three mini-games as such:

Jigsaw Jump Jump: to challenge jigsaw puzzles around the globe. Your help is just your bone, your fists and the deep-throwing word stick. Curl your opponent to the asphalt level!

Saimaannorpa’s Revenge:  The special ability of humans is to destroy their environment from year to year without tiring. Now its original stem-finned, endangered and sympathetic sailor bush has simply become full. The time has come to give you all the people of Pascal, the goddess!

Winter War Your: Faithful light gun has served you for many years. Now it is back in action when defending Finland’s independence in a good winter.

The games’ descriptions are sketchy because of the translation created by Google. Don’t blame the Finnish for the wonky words; The Finnish are an intelligent bunch, mostly. Don’t base your opinion of them on what you see on MTV or Russian comic books.

Perkele! means devil in Finnish and is considered a naughty word. At this time, the game is currently sold out, but the game’s official website said more copies will be available in the near future.