New Jersey Officer Caught Stealing Cocaine

New Jersey Officer Caught Stealing Cocaine Used For Drug-Sniffing Dogs

A New Jersey officer caught stealing cocaine has been sentenced to three years in the big house. He plead guilty on Thursday to taking a kilogram of the sheriffs office’s cocaine. John C. Adams had been with the Ocean County Sheriff’s Office for 16 years. He was suspended from his job in February 2017 after an investigation that started in January.

Adams was a commander with the sheriff’s canine training unit and, therefore, had easy access to the cocaine. The disgraced officer originally told investigators that the cocaine was accidentally thrown away with other training equipment. When that story went over like a lead zeppelin, he changed his tune, blaming the missing cocaine on other officers. He sounds like a man who likes to do the crime, but is afraid to do the time. We all know what happens to former coppers in the pokey.

new jersey officer caught stealing cocaine

Prosecutors Say The Cocaine Was Stolen For Personal Use

The New Jersey officer is said to have stolen the cocaine for his own nose. Whether that is wholly true or not is unknown, of course. He may have sold some to his buddies, he may have given some away, or he may just really like the stuff and sniffed it all by himself. He certainly wasn’t going to say that he sold some of it as that would’ve gotten him a whole other charge and more time behind bars.

Cocaine had been coming up missing from the training supplies since 2015. He had a pretty good caper going for quite some time. But, all good things must come to an end. Adams will never again be able to work for the state of New Jersey. He is currently out on bail and won’t be formally sentenced until April 2018. If that had been you or me, there is no way that they would allow us out on bail. He is getting special treatment because he is an officer of the law. He might want to sneak over the border into Mexico and then make his way over to Panama.