NFL Players: Take a Knee, Make a Pledge

My Suggestion to NFL Players: Take a Knee, Make a Pledge

nfl players take a knee make a pledge

My proposal to NFL players is quite logical. Because, really, what does taking a knee do? Not much. “Oh, it raises awareness, blah, blah, blah.” That has never put food on a table. If NFL players want to take a knee, they should make a pledge. How many NFL players do you think would do that? Not many. There are a few things that NFL players really care about: making money, going to the club/strip club, buying big bottles of champagne, fancy cars, big houses, women, etc.  Putting their money where their mouth is isn’t on that list. It is much easier to “talk about it than be about it.”

If NFL players were to make a pledge every time they took a knee, that would raise a lot of money for victims’ families. Maybe an NFL player would have to reduce the amount of money they use to make it rain in a strip club, but it’s for a good cause. Maybe they will have to shrink their entourage. That’s OK because they feel so strongly about the cause that they won’t mind making sacrifices. Perhaps Donald Trump should take a knee to protest North Korea’s sabre rattling. That sounds silly, doesn’t it? So does taking a knee for any other cause.

Which NFL Players are Going to Make a Pledge?

Give till it hurts, Mr. NFL Superstar. For every $1 million dollars that the players donate to the cause, I will donate 25 cents. I’m poor, give me a break. At least I came up with a better solution than “taking a knee.”

Yes, I am aware of what JJ Watt has done to convince citizens to donate money to those who were done dirty by Hurricane Harvey. It deserves mention, and it has gotten it more than once. So, where is the money for a cause that NFL players feel is more important than hurricane victims? NFL players taking a knee is getting way more media coverage than the hurricane enthusiasts, but no money is being pledged toward the cause. Why not? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the know-it-all NFL players.

nfl players take a knee make a pledge