O.J. Wants to Visit the Bunny Ranch

O.J. Wants to Visit Bunny Ranch, His Lawyer Disagrees With Idea

One of the best running backs to ever carry a football is free after nine years in the big house, and he wants companionship. Can you blame the guy? Everybody needs companionship, even people who were found not guilty in murder trials. O.J. wants to visit the Bunny Ranch in Nevada to fill that need. Simpson’s lawyer told him to take a chill pill as he tries to figure out if visiting the ranch would violate his parole. I don’t see why it would be a violation.

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According to the New York Post, an insider for the Bunny Ranch stated: “He sent word … to the Bunny Ranch.” The owner of the house of prostitution, Dennis Hof, is more than happy to have O.J. visit his business. Hof claims that Simpson’s buddy, Tom Scotto, rang up the business and said “Juice” is in the market for a “Nicole Brown look-a-like.” The man has a type, and apparently, he likes to stick to that type. Mr. Hof is quoted as saying, “As far as I know, things are going down. There are still a lot of moving parts. It all depends on O.J.’s schedules and meeting with the parole officers. It’s going to happen. The Bunny Ranch and the Bunny Ranch girls are anxious for O.J.’s visit.” Of course they are. They are anxious for anybody to visit… if they bring money.

Blac Chyna’s Mother Offered O.J. Companionship

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Blac Chyna’s mother, “Tokyo Toni,” posted a come-on to O.J. on her Instagram account. The post has since been taken down. She said, “O.J., Juice … Come visit me,” she cooed in a now-deleted Instagram post that included her phone number. “I’m single. Those hands turn me up and on! The way they fit in that glove nice and tight ….” Sorry, “T-Bone,” but I don’t think you’re Simpson’s type. You look nothing like Nicole Brown. You look like a hot mess tranny, if you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

If O.J. wants to visit the Bunny Ranch, then he should do so. It’s a free country (sort of), and he’s a free man.