Osama Bin Laden’s Computer Pics

Osama Bin Laden’s Computer Pics Are Being Tweeted

The world’s most-hated dead man had some interesting pictures on his computer when he was eradicated. And, thanks to one person’s awesome Twitter account, we all can look at them and say “WTF.” Osama Bin Laden’s computer pics are an eclectic mix of strangeness. You never know what you’re gonna see. Case in point, this picture of a stuffed moose head.

osama bin laden's computer pics

Osama Bin Laden’s Computer Pics Offer A Glimpse Into His Brain

The terrorist liked kitty cats and Shakira. I can picture him dancing to her music and waxing poetically about how his hips don’t lie either. “My hips, too, are big fans of the truth.” Maybe he liked to make his cat dance with him. “This little kitty’s hips don’t lie.”

The twitter account, @Abbottabadimage appears to have been created yesterday. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be checking it out every day to see if other gems are posted. Hopefully, the owner of the Twitter account has more goodies in store for our viewing pleasure.

Osama Bin Laden liked nature, cats, his friends, education, and video games.

Osama Bin Laden's Computer Pics

The images were all taken from the computer that was found in his Abbottabad, Pakistan compound and come courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency. That’s the CIA, Jack, in case you didn’t know. The direct link to the pictures through the CIA’s website isn’t working at this time. Let’s hope that they get it fixed and/or the person running the Twitter account grabbed them all for us. That is assuming that there is more to see. Fingers crossed.