Rehab Center CEO and Founder Sold Drugs to Patients

Rehab Founder Sold Drugs to Patients

David Francis, the 65-year-old founder and CEO of Next Step Recovery Housing has been charged with selling heroin and fentanyl. Federal agents are alleging that Mr. Francis and co-conspirators were providing drugs to those who Francis was supposed to be helping. Investigators are saying that one of Mr. Francis’s customers died from a fentanyl overdose in May, 2017.

David Francis Next Step Recovery Allegedly sold drugs to patients

Federal agents raided Francis’s home and rehab facility on Friday. It is being reported that Francis kept large quantities of heroin and fentanyl at both his home and rehab center. The CEO will have a hearing at a federal courthouse on Wednesday to face charges of distributing fentanyl. He could very well be in big trouble.