School Employee Had Sex With a Teenager

Florida School Employee Had Sex With Teenager

Could it be true? A Florida school employee had sex with a teenager? How surprising. It seems like this story gets published every week. The only thing that changes is the names and the lovely faces. The details are usually the same. It’s either a school employee or a teacher. Jeana Crozier, from Franklin County, Florida, was the site director for the Nest after school program. Crozier “The Bulldozer” was turned in for her sexual indiscretions by a fellow employee.

According to a press release, “The┬ástudent┬ávolunteered at the after-school program which she worked and also met at her house a few times according to Jeana.”

The offender was placed on administrative leave and was arrested on Monday. Crozier is expected to lose her job. That’s a shocker.

Does anything normal or good ever happen in Florida? Apparently not. Perhaps America should build a wall along the Florida border and tell them that they are on their own.

school employee had sex with teenager

Isn’t it common for a Florida School Employee to have sex with a teenager?

Browsing through Jeana Crozier’s Facebook profile has led me to believe that not only did she like teenagers, she also liked cats and dogs. She last updated her Facebook profile picture on Sept. 17. And, here it is:

school employee had sex with a teenager

Here you can see the school employee who had sex with a teenager enjoying her freedom just two weeks before being arrested. She was apparently on vacation somewhere. Even though she wore sunscreen on her little excursion, she did get a little bit of a sunburn. That’s unfortunate. But, it’s not as bad as the burn she’s going to feel for the rest of her life as a convicted sexual offender. Allegedly.

Unfortunately for Jeana Crozier, she probably won’t get the chance to watch the Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins in the American League Wild Card game tonight.