Tampa Bay Cornerback’s Wife Is Misinformed

Cornerback’s Wife Is Misinformed

Tampa Bay Bucs cornerback Miko Grimes has a wife. That wife of his wanted some time in the spotlight, so she went to The Breakfast Club to blab some false information. Mr. Grimes apparently told his wife that the Oakland Raiders offensive line allowed Derek Carr to get sacked which, in turn, caused Carr to suffer a back injury. The injury kept him out of two games. Of course, it was just a rumor, but it didn’t stop Mrs. Grimes from seeking stardom.

cornerback's wife is misinformed


The Grimes duo was under the impression that Carr’s teammates were mad at him because he didn’t protest during the National Anthem. That is false. All the players on the Raiders love Derek Carr. Mrs. Grimes also claimed that there was a fight in the locker room before that game and other players were upset with Carr for trying to make them get down with the Holy Bible. That is also false. Carr’s teammates and other members of the Raiders family vehemently deny the rumors. I watched the play over again, and the Raiders offensive line didn’t let Carr get sacked on purpose. Besides, even if they were to do that, there is no way they could’ve orchestrated it for Carr to get hurt.

Derek Carr addressed the ridiculous rumor in his own way: He took to Twitter and posted a Bible verse about people who flap their jabber jaws.

cornerback's wife is misinformed

It wouldn’t surprise me if the cornerback’s wife carries on like her story is gospel. Often times when people are wrong they don’t like to admit it. And, there is a snowball’s chance in hell that she will apologize for coming out of her neck with foolish rumors. It would be wise of Mr. Grimes to not inform his wife of any other rumors that come out of the locker rooms.

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