Toaster Possessed By A Demonic Spirit

Toaster Possessed By Demonic Spirit Writes “Satan Lives” Into Toast

What would you do if you owned a toaster possessed by a demonic spirit? Would you throw it in the garbage and call it a day? The dang thing would probably come flying back into your house via the window. Smashed windows are no big deal for haunted/demonic objects. What about trying to recycle it? That probably wouldn’t be a good option either. Her best option would’ve been to sell it at a garage sale and laughed as it became somebody else’s problem.

Back in 1984, when June O’ Brien discovered that her toaster was possessed and liked to write “Satan Lives” on her toast, she didn’t know what to do. The appliance did, according to Mrs. O’ Brien, make good toast. She must like burnt toast. I prefer my toast lightly toasted, thank you very much.

Possessed Toaster Appeared On Today Show

The producers of the Today Show thought that the toaster possessed by a demonic spirit would make a good morning TV segment. And, they were right. She told viewers that the toaster also spoke in a deep and spooky voice. She said it sounded like Eli Wallach, whoever that is. Apparently, he was an actor from the days of yore. As an added bonus, the appliance likes to spark and spit flames like a baby dragon. Dragons are so cute when they’re first learning how to spit flames.

It must be mentioned that the woman, and the toaster, are from Florida. That fact comes as no surprise to anybody. This sort of thing doesn’t normally happen in any other state. But, in the Sunshine State, something like this is pretty normal. Watch the video and decide for yourself if she really believed that the toaster is haunted. Maybe somebody was pranking her, too. The fact that she said: “When all is said and done, it makes good toast,” leads me to believe that she is in on the joke. Nobody likes their toast that well done… except for Satan and his buddies.