“Trailer Park Boys” Actor Dead at 71

Trailer Park Boys Actor Dead, Unknown Illness

John Dunsworth, the actor who played the alcoholic trailer park superintendent, Jim Lahey, in Trailer Park Boys is dead at 71. His co-star daughter, Sarah Dunsworth, made the announcement on Twitter this morning. Not much is known about how Dunsworth died. The only official word at this time is that he was suffering from an unknown illness. Luckily, he didn’t suffer for long. I am speculating what the illness was in my head, but I refuse to make that public.

His daughter posted the following on Twitter: “With heavy and broken hearts the family of John F. Dunsworth would like to let people know that our amazing husband, father and grandfather John Dunsworth has passed away. John left this world peacefully after a short and unexpected illness. The family would like to request that our privacy is respected in our time of grief.”

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Jim Lahey Was a Favorite For All Fans of the Show

Dunsworth masterfully played the part of the alcoholic busy body Jim Lahey. His character battled alcoholism and had cleaned up for a while, but hilarity ensued once he returned to the sauce. That’s not to say that Lahey wasn’t a fun and a great character whilst sober. Lahey was always on point. If I was a teenage girl on Facebook, I would back that statement up with some “Factz 100” action.

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian import and the crew just wrapped up their twelfth season. The newest installment is scheduled to premiere on Netflix early next year. The show also produced spin-off movies that were all hilarious and well made. Each movie and each season of the show is just as funny as any of the others. The Trailer Park Boys also took their act on the road performing live skits for enthusiastic audiences.

Dunsworth will be missed, and his work on the final season of Trailer Park Boys is going to be highly anticipated, like always.