Untitled Goose Game by House House

Untitled Goose Game Stars Jerk Goose

The still-untitled Goose Game, from the creators of Push Me Pull You, stars a wacky bird that causes mayhem for one unlucky old man. Based on the footage of the early gameplay trailer, the game shows promise as a simple but challenging video game.


Goose Game Scheduled for 2018

Players will take control of the mean-spirited goose and navigate through gardens, flowerbeds, etc. to accomplish missions and goals. House House, the creators of the Goose Game, released their first game, Push Me Pull You, on the PS4 Network and at steam.com. It is likely that House House’s latest creation will be available through the same outlets. I’m looking forward to playing this game and wreaking havoc with the horrible goose.

Official Goose Game Page


goose game
The goose is on the loose… with a stolen AM/FM radio.