Woman Offers Undercover Cop Sex For a Beanie Baby

Sex For a Beanie Baby: Only In Florida

St. Petersburg police arrested a woman last week for offering to perform oral sex for a Beanie Baby plus five American dollars. It is alleged that 51-year-old Karen Robinson hopped into the undercover police car when the officer pulled over to the side of the road. There is no word on how the sex for a Beanie Baby was introduced into the negotiations. I’m usually good at detective work, so I’m guessing that the officer had the stuffed animal on the dashboard of the car to help disguise his cop self. Somebody really likes their Beanie Babies… allegedly.

sex for beanie baby

No Thanks

Robinson allegedly entered the undercover cop’s car around 11 p.m. on Wednesday night and was released on Thursday. She is being charged with prostitution, which she is claiming that she is not guilty of. Oral sex for a Beanie Baby and five dollars seems like a low price — until you look at the accused.

What do you think is the unusually high rate of wacky crimes and people in Florida? Is it the hurricanes, the acid rain, or is it the close proximity to the Bermuda Triangle? Not even the aliens with their advanced computer technology can solve the riddle of the debacle that is Florida? “The Sunshine State”? I think they need to rethink that slogan and choose something more fitting. The Rain, Hurricane, and/or Lunatic State are all good choices.

via: wfla