Woman Set Up GoFundMe, Kept Money Instead

Woman Set Up GoFundMe For Co-Worker, Kept the Money for Herself

GoFundMe is out of control. There are people getting big money from the service for fickle occurrences, such as somebody having their feelings hurt. However, the case in question today was a worthy cause.

A woman set up a GoFundMe account for a co-worker whose 11-year-old daughter was slain. She raised about $38,000, which would’ve been great for the victim’s mother, if she didn’t keep most of the money for herself — that’s pretty foul.

The money was supposed to go to Stephanie Goodloe after her ex-boyfriend, Donald Hairston, 49, murdered the young girl in her home.

woman set up gofundme for coworker, stole funds

Arlene Petty, 30, from Capitol Heights, Md., is the one who set up the GoFundMe and she has been charged with one count of first-degree fraud. Goodloe’s cousin, Kim Smith, said, “We plan on following this case really closely. Along with the murder trial, this is yet another case that the family has to follow so we know that justice has been served.” It takes a seriously greedy and heartless person to take advantage of someone in a manner such as this.

The account was set up in June, 2016. In March of 2017, the victim’s grandmother tried to get into the account and said that she was locked out and unable to access the funds. It is alleged that Ms. Petty transferred over $35,000 into a personal bank account.

GoFundMe said that if the money isn’t recovered for the family, then they will replace the money themselves. That is good to know. That means that this story doesn’t have to have an even worse ending.