Yankees Aaron Judge Top Jersey Seller

Aaron Judge Top Jersey For 2017

It’s no surprise that the 6′ 7″, 280 lb. behemoth of a ballplayer is the top jersey seller in the MLB for 2017. The NY Yankees right fielder broke Mark McGwire’s rookie home run record with 52. Aaron Judge beat out McGwire by three home runs. Judge’s 52 homers is a record that should stand for a long time. McGwire’s 49 homers in his rookie season is a mark that had stood since 1987. For those who aren’t good at mathematics, that is 30 years. Judge is a crowd favorite and has fans outside of the New York Yankees home crowd market.


Judge Second Rookie To Become Top Jersey Seller

Prior to this season, Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs was the only rookie to top jersey sales in Major League Baseball since they started keeping track in 2010. It’s surprising that MLB hasn’t kept records before that. The fact that there are three Chicago Cubs among the top ten jersey sellers proves that there are too many bandwagon jumpers in sports. Before the Cubs won the World Series last year, you would be hard-pressed to find anybody wearing anything with the Chicago Cubs logo. Now, if you live in a heavily populated area, you will spot many bandwagon freaks sporting many of the latest fashions with a Cubs logo attached.

The New York Yankees and Aaron Judge will face the Minnesota Twins tonight, October 3, for a one-game wild card showdown. The winner of tonight’s baseball contest will advance into the playoffs and the loser will go home.




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