Cartoonish Sketch of Criminal Actually Worked

Crude Sketch Gets the Job Done

Hung Phouc Nguyen has been known to take things that don’t belong to him. Oops, he did it again, and he was caught thanks to a witness’s cartoonish sketch that hit the nail on the head. It doesn’t matter what kind of artistic skills you have when drawing a facial composite sketch as long as you’re able to capture the essence and aura of the criminal.

cartoonish composite sketch

That Cartoonish Sketch Is Spot On

The sketch by the witness, and an explanation of the man’s appearance, helped jogged the memory of an investigator who thought he knew the perpetrator because of previous crimes he committed. His previous police record helped the investigator put two and two together. This isn’t the first time that Mr. Nguyen has helped himself to somebody else’s stuff. On January 30, Nguyen was at the Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when he proceeded to help himself to some cash. He pretended to be an employee and took some money from a cash till before fleeing as fast as his little feet could carry him.

The witness fingered Nguyen hard when shown a photo array that was prepared by the investigator. Composite sketches are usually pretty funny-looking in general, but this one goes down as the funniest and best facial composite ever created. Will the witness start receiving job offers from cartoonists? It’s a good possibility. Exposure is everything.