Former MLB Player: Sheen Being Investigated By Feds

Lenny Dykstra, Sheen’s Former Friend, Dishes Dirt on the Troubled Actor

Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra (54) was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and he continued to do what he does best: Talk trash about other people and air their dirty laundry. In this particular interview, he once again dished a lot of dirt on his former friend, Charlie Sheen. Dykstra’s autobiography, House of Nails, is full of tales about Sheen and some other famous acquaintances of the former NY Mets and Philadelphia Phillies star. The book was tough to read; He said the phrase “Big swinging d!ck” at least 100 times… it seems to be an obsession with him. It is in this same book that Dykstra told the story of how Sheen broke the news to him that he is HIV-positive. Dykstra was at Sheen’s mansion in a private room full of sports memorabilia and crack cocaine when he broke the news to the former slugger.

dykstra sheen

Dykstra Says Sheen Should Leave the Country

Dykstra told the Hollywood Reporter that Sheen is “on the verge of being prosecuted, in a roundabout way, for knowingly spreading his HIV — and that the actor is under federal investigation for tax and wire fraud. I don’t know why Charlie doesn’t try to leave the country.” He also said that he isn’t happy with the actor’s behavior and that he “will not tolerate a man beating a woman.”

Dykstra claims that he and Charlie haven’t spoken since 2014 and that they reconciled their friendship. However, he is saying that Sheen won’t talk to him anymore because he is embarrassed by the fact that Dykstra saw him in a sex tape. Really? Is Sheen insecure like that? My friends can watch me in a sex tape if they want. I don’t know why they would want to, but I wouldn’t care if they did.

It will be interesting to see if Dykstra is right about Federal investigators coming after Sheen. Only time will tell. On an unrelated note, I saw Dykstra get off a train in Schenectady, New York a few years ago and didn’t recognize him one bit. The partying and prison was not kind to his appearance.