Grenade Launcher Donated To Goodwill

Grenade Launcher Donated To Goodwill Was Destroyed, Not Sold

It’s a shame and a waste of what may have been a darn good grenade launcher. A grenade launcher was donated to a Goodwill thrift store in Bradenton, Florida (of course, where else?) and it left workers scratching their collective head. As an added bonus, the launcher was donated with a live grenade. The first Goodwill store that received the donation, in Tampa, claimed to not know what it was, so they passed it along to another store location. That’s usually a good policy: The “I don’t know what this is, so let’s have somebody else deal with it” Policy. That is the story that they’re sticking to, but they could’ve known what it was and just didn’t want to deal with it. Extra work is such a drag!

grenade launcher donated to goodwill

Grenade Launchers Are Great For Inflicting Much Damage, and For Those With Bad Aim

The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office said that the grenade launcher was destroyed using a hazmat locker. Is that anything like a “hurt locker” or a “snot locker”?

There are close to seventy-five gazillion types of grenade launchers, but the make and model of the Goodwill find were not mentioned by authorities. They probably didn’t know — they’re cops, not historians or certified weapons experts. Owing to the fact that the launcher was found in a FLORIDA Goodwill, it comes as a surprise that they didn’t slap a blue price tag on it and sell it; Or, keep it for themselves and shoot gators with it.