Koshlandia, Siberian Cat Farm

Siberian Cat Farm, Koshlandia, Is Cat Paradise

Do you love cats? If you don’t, then there is something wrong with you, seriously. Your noggin isn’t quite correct. Many men think that liking cats makes them less “manly” for some reason. Yet, there are dudes that are super manly who are cat lovers and also own cats of their own. Whenever a man says “I hate cats,” they are automatically added to the “douchebag” list. It is mostly an American man thing to hate cats and was a lot more prevalent in previous decades. In the 1980s a majority of men were afraid to admit that they liked cats for fear of being labelled as a “sissy” or homosexual. Don’t ask me how they correlate liking an animal to being less-than-manly, because it doesn’t make any sense. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the Siberian cat farm named Koshlandia.

A 59-year-old woman, Alla Lebedeva, and her husband, Sergey, have a farm in Siberia that is a cat lover’s paradise. They named their farm Koshlandia, which means “land of cats” in Russian, because of the staggering amount of Siberian pussycats on their property. How many cats call the farm home? “A million. Maybe more,” according to Lebedeva. She said that they adopted their first cat, a Siberian female named “Babushka” back in 2003. That female feline gave birth to five kittens, and the rest is cat history. The cats bred like rabbits, sprouted like weeds, spread like the plague… you get the idea, I hope.

koshlandia siberian cat farm

Pictures Of Her Cats Being Shared

Mrs. Lebedeva said that a couple of years ago pictures of her cats were used for a Website and were falsely being reported as Norwegian cats. They were shared countless times, so, chances are you have seen pictures of her cats before.

“Our cats move about freely. In general, all rustic cats are unusual and differ from cats living in apartments, just like a rabbit differs from a hare. They are wild and independent. In the summer our cats divide into two groups. Some of them go hunting somewhere and don’t come home for months. All the female cats are always neat and sit at home.” Females don’t have to sit at home, they can be anything they want!

via: Oddity Central