Lego Wooden Coaster

Awesome Coaster, Get On Board, Bro

Lego master Tomas Kaspirik spent over 800 hours to build a wooden rollercoaster out of nearly 90,000 Lego pieces, and it is bad to the bone, jabroni. The coaster is fashioned after the El Toro roller coaster at the Six Flags in Jackson, New Jersey. I’ve been to that Six Flags, it’s OK, even though the whole theme park thing isn’t my cup of tea.

The monstrous Lego coaster is 85-feet long and painstakingly detailed complete with bumps and surrounding scenery. Mr. Kaspirik said he has been “building awesome things from LEGO since 2010, pushing the limits of what can be built from this amazing toy. I build for fun, travel to shows, but also do commissions to fund my hobby.”

You can check out Kaspirik’s Flickr page for more of his massive creations.