Man Floods Strip Club

Man Floods Strip Club In South Carolina

Apparently, 20-year-old Pedro Alberto Bernar-Santiago couldn’t make it rain in a South Carolina strip club, so he flooded the joint instead. Witnesses say that the man was caught red-handed “kicking down the top of the toilet that holds all the plumbing.” Police were called to the Treasure Club in Myrtle Beach early on Monday morning; That’s soon after the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. Strippers hate the Super Bowl if there are TV’s on the premises because the men don’t pay them enough attention money. It’s true, I’ve seen it happen once… I was on the premises doing research.

man flooded strip club

Damage To The Club

The disgruntled girlwatcher was arrested and charged with malicious injury and public intoxication. “Malicious injury”? I guess the toilet got a boo-boo that required more than a self-adhesive bandage to fix. What about charging the guy with underage drinking? The dude is only 20 years of age according to news reports. He caused $3,000 in damage to the main lobby’s carpet and wrecked their $1,000 toilet.

No reason was given for the man’s actions. If one were to speculate, they would probably guess that a stripper wouldn’t let him do certain things to her person or, perhaps, he wanted some free lap dances or other services rendered to his person. The possibilities are many and varied.

It appears that the club didn’t shut down due to the incident. The show must go on. Single moms have to put that bacon on the table, “naw mean?” They “don’t need no man.”