#MeToo Assemblywoman Accused of Groping

Cristina Garcia Accused of Groping

Well, well, well… lookie what we have here: if it isn’t a Democratic California assemblywoman accused of groping a male staffer from a fellow lawmaker’s office. Isn’t that something. The assemblywoman, Cristina Garcia, is accused of groping a young man, Daniel Ferrio, on separate occasions in 2014. Mr. Fierro told The Associated Press that she “stroked his back, squeezed his buttocks and attempted to touch his crotch in a dugout after a legislative softball game in 2014.”

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Cristina Garcia is one of the main figureheads behind the #metoo movement and that fact is one of the reason’s why Fierro decided to tell his former boss, Democratic Assemblyman Ian Calderon, about her allegedly roving hands. Calderon took it upon himself to tell Assembly leaders about the allegations. The alleged #metoo victim told The Associated Press, “If the person leading the charge on it isn’t credible it just ends up hurting the credibility of these very real stories.”

Assemblywoman Garcia released a statement on Thursday that stated, “Every complaint about sexual harassment should be taken seriously and I will participate fully in any investigation that takes place. I have zero recollection of engaging in inappropriate behavior and such behavior is inconsistent with my values.” Oh, is that so, Garcia? Hmmm. That’s very interesting, to say the least.

Thankfully, Garcia is taking voluntary unpaid leave while she is being investigated. A lobbyist says that “#hetoo” was the victim of Garcia’s crotch-seeking hands and that she made some very lewd comments to him. He claims that she #metoo’d him in 2017.

Fierro said that it appeared that Ms. Garcia was intoxicated at the time of the alleged incidents. Garcia herself said of another case: ” …blaming alcohol isn’t an acceptable excuse for sexually inappropriate behavior. It’s men who chose to misbehave, not the social events themselves, that create the problems…”

If you want to know my opinion (which is possible if you’ve read this far), the whole #metoo movement should snub her so hard that it hurts. It will be interesting to see if that happens. They should, of course distance themselves from her, but people don’t always do what is right. She is famous and has money, so she is good for furthering their movement, and that will make many supporters look the other way.