Smallest Fidget Spinner In The Universe

Smallest Fidget Spinner Rulez!

Have you ever seen a 55-year-old man standing in line somewhere going to town on his fidget spinner? No? Well, lucky you. What bothered me the most about seeing an old timer fidget his life away was the fact that nobody else in the vicinity seemed to notice him doing it. But wait, there’s more: The fidget spinner was one of those fancy ones that light up.

Whatever. It’s just stupid… this whole fidget spinner thing. I’m glad that the whole fad is dying down. I hope I don’t live another 23 years so I don’t have to witness them coming back into fashion. Yes, I’m prepared to die for convictions big and small. It’s not my fault you have no passion. Nothing is that big of a deal, and if you think I’m serious, then I am being serious. But, you have to make that call yourself.

A Japanese bearing company,┬áMinebeaMitsumi Inc., created the smallest fidget spinner in the universe, and they are very proud of themselves. A team of eight workers spent two months creating the little thing that is allegedly .2 inches in size. Did it really take them two whole months to create such a simple thing? Fools! Let me in that laboratory of theirs and I’ll make one half its size in two hours.